Can someone tell me what  contests are coming up in  late may or june  ???

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coolbeansbaby68 (author) 4 years ago
Is there is going to be a home improvement contest. ? I know the one got cancelled
Yes, but I don't have any dates for it yet! Soon, though.
coolbeansbaby68 (author) 4 years ago
Cool i have cool coat rack ilible idea for fathers day!!!!!
BrittLiv4 years ago
Haha, thanks - I was too lazy to dig that up.
It does show up on the sidebar of featured forum topics, maybe not on a mobile device though or the glare of the new orange obscured it.
yep. that's how I found it.
... and I was too lazy to scroll far enough to see that...
Kiteman4 years ago
There was an announcement in the forums - you'll have to trawl back through the list to find it, because the search function doesn't work on the forums any more.