continuous shocker without capactior

i need help. i want to make a shocker without the capacitor. on the camera circuit board. do i just touch the two + and - sign where the capacitors ar charged?? i tried and it didnt work. i know plasma has one but it tried and i cant get those damn parts soldered. is it possible to do this> i have been shocked before doing this, but i dont remember how i did it.

Plasmana8 years ago
I have an idea, but it still requires a capacitor... What you can do is desolder the electrolytic capacitor and the little yellow capacitor from the camera's board. Then solder in the yellow capacitor where the electrolytic capacitor was. When you turn it on, the yellow capacitor should charge up less than a second and can make a unpleasant shock.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Maybe a little theory will help you out. This is from what I know of automotive ignitions, but the it's the same principle. . At it's simplest, all you need is a switch and a transformer. . When you close the switch, you apply power to the primary winding. This generates a magnetic field that interacts with the secondary winding and produces an EMF. Once the field builds to it's maximum, no EMF is produced (the field has to change to do any work; a steady field does nothing). When you open the switch, the magnetic field collapses and once again produces an EMF in the secondary. . For reasons I don't understand, the magnetic field collapses much faster than it expands, so you get a bigger "kick" when the switch opens. . In a car, the capacitor (often called a condensor) acts somewhat like a clamping diode, in that it absorbs excess counter-EMF to prevent burning out the points (switch). Not sure what the cap does in your circuit.
guyfrom7up8 years ago
do you want a buzzer shocker type of thing, or do you want an arc?