converting a 9v dc adapter to 18.5?

I just recently got a free laptop from a friend who's dad didn't need anymore, and it dosn't have a power cord to charge the battery. I'm dieing to turn it on and see if it works so if anyone knows who to convert a 9v dc adapter to 18.5 if it's even possible.

erckgillis10 years ago
Vegas is correct, any old laptop or discarded AC to DC power supply with the CORRECT voltage and Amperage is required, order DC power pins and connectors and a little soldering then you got a new power supply. the underside. It says 18.5v and 1 to 5 amps atr 40-90Watts? Find a similiar one, change the plug with parts from, Radio-Shack or any DC supply catalog. DC ONLY sure as the Li batteries EXPLODE when overcharged or heated. E
LasVegas10 years ago
You would need at least a 40w supply meaning that your 9v supply would have to supply at least 4.5 amps before considering it. If you have that, you could use a voltage doubler circuit able to support that much current. This wouldn't be very practical. It would better to simply purchase a replacement supply for your computer. There are many generic supplies that would suffice. Check Ebay.