converting a bike to a trike?

anyone have info on converting a bike to a trike? My disabled son has balance issues but wants to ride with the family, however we can't afford a new adult tricycle or one of the expensive conversion kits. He's much too large for training wheels to work. I'm hoping to find a way to convert an old bike with minimal expense and no welding.

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TomaN8 years ago
Valr, have you find out a cheaper solution ?. I'm in a similar condition !!!
valr (author)  TomaN8 years ago
I still haven't found a solution, but we were talking the other day and he said he'd like a bike with a side car, so we might try to do something like that. He now would need an adult size bike as he is a large 11 year old. (5'5" and about 170 lbs)
upnsmokes valr4 years ago
As a hobby I build bikes and a kit you can buy on ebay is the easist solution

Hi could you send me a recent link please for the kit. Thanks G

TomT81 year ago

I use Recumbant Trikes

callmecyril4 years ago
desya5 years ago
ebay has the a conversion kit...

is just one I have seen
Hubiewan6 years ago
Please contact me. I may be of some help.
ghostrider17 years ago
check internet theres always plan there you must have scrap bics around and somebody with welder
aguanile8 years ago
The system bump me out after i wrote a lot of helpful info,but if you serious above it send me a message.I got a lot of info to share,because i am working on similar project and took some research to do. Parts, diagrams etc.
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