could someone cut a piece of plastic for me?

i have a mp4 player i got a few days ago, but i find that the original cover plastic has a sort of paint that, when combined with the glare of ambient sunlight, makes it totally impossible to use the player outside. not only that, but the plastic on the front got a really nasty scratch on it when i was cutting open the box. There isnt a screen protector on the player.

if i gave the dimensions of the plastic part thats scratched (gold-silvery part of the player) could someone cut a new piece for me, be it laser cut, cnc milled, or by hand, whatever.
all i ask is that its clear plastic.
for those who would like to know the plastic is 1mm thick.

if it could be done for free it would be so greatly appreciated.

Picture of could someone cut a piece of plastic for me?
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dombeef6 years ago
It looks like a screen film is on it, have you tried scratching the edge of it and see if a film comes off?
zack247 (author)  dombeef6 years ago
yep, its a plastic overlay over the front of the player, no luck with any kind of film :/
i suppose i cant really worry about that right now though considereing the touch screen cracked on it..
Possibly. Send me deminsions and i will see
zack247 (author)  fire_drakon1176 years ago
sorry i took so long to reply. :S
i only need the utside cuts dont because im going to do the inside cuts by hand (they were much more precise than 0.1cm)

it needs to be 1mm or 0.5mm thick, whichever is available is fine.
i will see what i can do. i'll send you a message or reply when i get done.