could this kill me? (Monitor)

i am thinking of taking apart what i think is a crt monitor. i have heard that there is stuff in there that an kill me, if so, what?

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What if you throw it at a wall really hard, but run off once it is in the air? (In the air, moving to hit the wall.)
huh? i think youd still have glass and mercury all over the floor.
Goodhart9 years ago
take it from someone that hurt his "back" by being thrown backwards (and was more then very lucky). I have always wondered if my exploits will not eventually shorten my life. I erased an entire roll of fill by opening an old TV while it was ON (yeah, my middle name was STUPID back then), and exposed them to x-rays.
HEY I EXPOSED MYSELF TO X-RADIATION TOO Right with you..... Dont even get me started with electricity either
Yeah, we can see right through you, too LOL j/k
you have aroused my curiosity. tell us the story of electricity.
dude. law 1 of high voltage safety: turn the @#$%%#&*(&*(&*&*#@% thing off first.
Tis hard to test the current and voltage of circuits when they are off LOL But the one time I was thrown backwards, I was at work, and they required me to reach into the timer box for the chick hatchers and rotate the shelves by moving the timer.....unfortunately there were exposed 220 lines in there.....laying one's arm across them is not fun
so you, in answere to this blatant code violation, sued the company and electrician for negligance causing bodily trauma.... (why does that sound american)
I was only 17 at the time. This was before anyone but movie stars sued anyone for stupid stuff (I wasn't dead or anything).
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