covert 3V battery source to 1.5 V

hi Guys,

I have a 3V battery source and want to convert it to 1,5V to run a device.

How do I go about doing it?
Will a voltage divider work accurately?

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Orngrimm4 years ago
I can second Bobbel Headeinstein.
A divider is a bad idea since a voltage divider (consisting of 2 resistors) is only accurate if you have a steady load (like none at all or always the same) tapped from this divider...
Go with the suggested LM317 linear regulator.
If you want maximum efficiency, you can go with a more complex but 95-99% efficient DC/DC-Converter. See for an example...
try using a 1.5 volt regulator,that should work
LM317 should do you good,it is a adjustable voltage regulator
kurtselva (author)  Bobblehead Einstein4 years ago
Will the connection be something like this?
all you need to do is determine resister values for your 1.5v output
The capacitor's(represented as C1 & C2) are not a necessary but i would say it will be a good practice to add them as they will help keep the voltage constant
kurtselva (author)  Bobblehead Einstein4 years ago
Yes thanks for the reply.

Have managed to build the circuit and it is working using a variable supply voltage. Yet to test with battery source though.

No, a voltage divider is a very bad idea. You need to use a regulator to drop the voltage. A voltage divider ONLY gives the expected division on no load !
KJ4ZVQ4 years ago
In regards to a voltage divider, it will work, as long as the battery stays at 3 volts. If the battery dropped to 2 volts, the output would be one volt. The problem with dividers is that the output is directly proportional to the input, in this case, a 2:1 ratio.