post cool crossbow im having a contest if u make the coolest,themostpowerful,range or the most compact you will get a $1000. dead line 3 weeks from to day. rules must be a crossbow cant be a peice of crap and has to look cool and shoot good MOST POST or i does not count. winner will get a check from mail

Picture of crossbow
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KnexFreek8 years ago
 1000$ yea............................

and the winner would give you his/her address.............

i happen to be not that great of a speller or grammerphobe when i type, but this is pathetic............

g123453899 years ago
you broke the rules yourself! you made a crossbow layout then added a firing pin


so mine has a hammer
justavip (author) 10 years ago
im back!!! the winner is give me a drum roll!!!.........DANNY and his cross bow thanks to everyone who was a part of the contest danny pm me
oh and are you going to pay him?
thats lame he didn't make that one! he copied gorkems!
omg i thought that you said danny's wasn't going to count at the bottom of the page
Vynash10 years ago
I've got a good one !
me too!
x bow 2.jpgx bow.jpg
O and dose it hafta shoot rods?
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