cycling machine for father with traumatic brain injury

I am seeking a very resourceful, intelligent builder.  My 79 y.o. father suffered a traumatic brain injury 15 mos ago.  He is minimally conscious and immobile.  We get him into a wheelchair but he gets no movement.  This machine will cycle his legs while he lies in bed.  It is over $9,000 and Medicare does not pay for the device.  I am in leaving a web site address that has information about the machine.  I have alot of other information if anyone might be interested.

I realize that this is a long shot but I thought I might try. 

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sam D6 years ago
Keen to help where I can - at least with expertise. I use electic bike compnents a lot - and i could see an easy way to build something similar.

Which country are you located in?

The site has several models. Is the model you are interested in the one shown on the left side at that link? Ie - wheelchair + device.
carolb4 (author)  sam D6 years ago
I don't know how to share comments from other responses with you. I received and idea from fidgety2 in Atlanta that had ideas using bicycle gears etc. Would it be possible for you to converse with that person?
carolb4 (author)  sam D6 years ago
I am located in Fairview, TN, USA.

My father needs the model used in bed.
sam D carolb46 years ago
If you didnt need the nice display screen and the sensors to tell you how hard he was pushing this would be very easy to build.

These 200watt motors could be used for both arms and legs. A small speed controller of less than 50 dollars would control power to each - I think you would use less than a fifth of the power of the machine. Some sort of resistance to rotation would be needed.
A power supply and proper durable framework would be a bit beyond me.

I'd suggest someone would need to be present at all times to account for the lack of saftey software controls that appear to be built into the professional unit.

I am located in australia and not much material help. But I would like to repost this onto the forums at if you agree. That's where most electric bike builders hang out and you'd stand a far greater chance of finding someone in your country or state. Someone might donate time or parts....
sam D sam D6 years ago
Actually for the model used in bed it would be easy to adapt an engine stand such as this:

I took the liberty of putting the request up on endlessphere. Hope that is ok.

Good luck.

carolb4 (author)  sam D6 years ago
Sounds good. You all just lead me where I need to go and do.
carolb4 (author)  sam D6 years ago
We do not need the nice display or fancy sensors. I am completely at the mercy of your opinion and expertise regarding the motor and build. Someone would be present at all times for supervision.

I am so excited to have your response. Carry on with the great ideas and tell me what to do.
It very good
fidgety26 years ago
how about using something like ski boots (i have seen TONS of them at thrift stores) strap them to a bicycle crank arm and pedal then after building a stand using pvc or steel pipe connect a bike gear to the crank arm then attach a bike chain to the bike gear and attach a final gear to the end of the bike chain then connect a drill or motor to the last bike chain

i know this may sound confusing but i will hopefully post a instructable on the above steps soon

also i am located in Atlanta GA
so i might be able to help even further...
nscagal6 years ago
Hi Carol - wish I could help you with this but I'm not terribly mechanically inclined. However, I noticed you are in TN - not sure if there is any assistance with equipment from this org but they seem like a good resource just for general help and info. Hope it's ok to post a url - it's not an ad - it's the brain injury association of tennessee:

You can also go to their main page for more info. I had a brain injury over two years ago and wish I'd known about some of the resources in my state. Good luck to you and your father.
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