deconstructing HEMMA light socket end

Does anyone know how to take apart the socket end of IKEA's HEMMA light "fixture". I'm sure it's easy, but so far it has me stumped. I'm trying to shorten the cord's length.

hanttula4 years ago
I found this thread when searching for the same answer. Since there wasn't an answer available, I figured it out & made an instructable: I hope that this helps anyone else out that is seeking how to deconstruct/disassemble the Hemma light socket.
trichards46 years ago
Have you figured it out? I'm trying to do the same thing, that is open up the socket assembly to rewire it. I need the wire to pass through a hole, but I want a clean connection so I'd rather not have to cut the wire. Any more elegant solutions?
lambtech8 years ago
Just chop the wiring at the plug, then cut off whatever you don't want, then solder the wires back to the plug, and cover in hot glue for insulation, and it won't even be noticed if you get it close enough to the plug.