ok ive been knex'ing for a little bit ive decided that i like pistols the most. my favorite being the M1911 and beretta 92fs but the king of all pistols the desert eagle i have seen every replica of this gun/guns (including the other two) and none of them work like them. if im correct selezonias M1911 looks real but no mag in the handle and no slide. i havent seen a beretta yet. and the desert eagle no one has actually made one that works like the real one (back slide action) the closest gun ive seen is ironman's i forget which one so i want everyone to tell me which one i should build. your vote would be very helpful.

Picture of m1911,92fs,deagle?
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sorry if it's to late, but i made an desert eagle, but it doesn't shoot. look at it if you want
i like the handle so i might use that i havent been on in forever but ill give it a go
TheDunkis7 years ago
It's rather hard with K'nex to make detailed pistols. The pieces themselves are just too big to use for small weapons.
trust me the deagle is no small weapon its 13.5 inchs long but i do get your point but put enough work into it you can get pretty close with details
I haven't somebody call it a 92FS for a while now
yea im one of the people who must have the right name for everything
knexguy7 years ago
My really old Desert Eagle type thing had a rear slide action, but was terrible in every other way.
thats the hard part a slide action with power im gunna figure it iut though
Removable mag in the handle?
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