desk re-org

i finally got some perf board and hung my tools on it. no more missing tools. what do you think? does it look like canadian tire? the last pic is what it used to look like

Picture of desk re-org
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guyfrom7up9 years ago
nice Did you get those automatic wire strippers from goldmine? They suck, I broke 2 of them, luckily one was a free gift. nice tape player I have a desoldering pump like yours, but I never got it to ever suck up any solder, does it only really work on new solder? Cause whenever I try and desolder old boards for components it doesn't work.l
Did you try MELTING the solder then use the desolder pump?
tech-king (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
1) no. those power strippers are job mates. they are cheap knock offs of real ones, but work well. they are also very durable 2)thanks. its old, but works well. someday, im gonna add a bigger antenna, so i get the full range of radio stations. 3) it works fine. i use it a lot. but it only works on blobs of solder. industrial soldering robots put very small amounts, and i have yet to successfully use it on those. still it works well. the can in picture 3 is silicon lubricant for the pump. the 3rd pic is the only one i have of the desk pre- ferric chloride spill. now there is an ugly stain. BTW: what do you think of my soldering iron?
I always had better luck with a desoldering IRON, like this one:
Yay! I like it. I love organizing things. It makes me happy.
Goodhart9 years ago
*chuckle* I have a pegboard in the back of my one desk, and it is totally full of small tools, the desk to the left is covered, and the center desk is also. I need a bigger room LOL
BTW: I have to agree with Nacho here....even with my pegboards, my desks are messier than your "before" picture :-)
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Great job! Even the before pic is neater than my work area. LOL