desoldering iron

i am thinking of purchasing a desoldering iron, because braid gets annoying, and i was looking at one at radioshack, its just a soldering iron with a hole in its end and the hole leads of a mounted bulb. i was wondering how they work, the iron heat the solder, and u press the bulb and it sucks the solder, but where does the solder go? into the bulb? how do you get the solder out?

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110100101108 years ago
i desolder by heating the joint (and maybe adding a bit of solder) and then hit the board (not too hard) against the floor gives very clean results same with compomemts - you drop them from small height and the solder splashes off
Well now you know what that leads to don't you??
nope. i never damaged any board or components (you should do it sharp but not strong)
Yes, but what about snapping said flaming red piece of lead off and landing on say your head. Poof goes a big patch of hair.
you hit it down and not up. it cant get to your head the bits of solder that splash off are tiny. so tiny that if they hit your hand they cool down and not burn you
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
get a desoldering pump
um0123 (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
a solder sucker? are they better than irons?
well, in my opinion, yes You can burn yourself very easily with the de-soldering iron, because of all the exposed metal. Also, when you squeeze the bulb and re-lease, is sucks the solder up and releases it to the same place it was extracted from solder suckers have plastic tips, which melt fairly easily
mine doesn't melt. We're talking about the spring loaded metal things, right? I love mine, except whenever I need to put a lot of flux on a joint to melt it and then it sucks up all of the flux and then it's a pain to clean the insides
ya, the one from radio shack, with the teflon tips in't doesn't metl too bad, but after some use, the tip gets all jacked up
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