diet coke and mentos launcher

i was wondering if there was a controled way of launching a diet coke and mentos rocket. does anyone have any ideas

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Kiteman10 years ago
You ought to ask these chaps.
westfw10 years ago
Steve Spangler's "Geyser Tube"
(neat site otherwise, too.)
Brass bum (author) 10 years ago
i think a pipe with a nail in the end to puncture the lid (bit of a waste of lid....)you drop the bottle doun tail first and then it comes shooying back out
How about using a balloon (or a piece of one that was burst already) for a lid. That might make the "puncturing" easier, if stretched tightly enough.
Goodhart10 years ago
Have you looked Here, at the site where it was investigated for some ideas ?
. Gee, Goodhart. That's awful close to a snide remark. I _know_ you didn't get that attitude from me. ;)
Huh ? Oh my, I hope not, it was not intended to be such. It was intended to be helpful :.-(
. It _was_ helpful and you have to read it like I do for it to sound bad. Just giving you a good-natured hard time - you worry waaaayyyy too much about offending ppl. Maybe I don't worry enough. ;)
Yeah, I do that. I have had others tell me I say "sorry" too often, only to then say "sorry about that" *lol* *sigh*
gotja10 years ago
savage is such a kool last name umm also i wouldnt recomend it cuz ill be a 1 shot thing and it wastes mony cuz u need 1 liter per shot of diet coke and what ever ur trying to shoot