difference between monkeys nad human beings? isnt it nature or nurture that is creating the difference?

good evening!!!! i am facing much difficulty in finding the differences between monkeys and human beings?isnt it nature or nurture that is creating difference? i-e vocalization of speed etc.... plz help me out in this work assigned to me by my instructor in university... regards!!! Lubna

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Kiteman9 years ago
Every time somebody decides what makes humans different from the animal kingdom, somebody else then finds an example of it in the animal kingdom.

Tools, teaching others, language, being kind to strangers, warfare, emotions, politics, even prostitution.

My personal opinion is that there are two key things that separate humans and the other Great Apes:

  • We have the ability to deliberately alter the planet we live on, for good or ill.
  • Religion. Other animals have been shown to be able to solve problems systematically ( = science), but only humans have bothered to invent mythological beings to explain observed facts.
How do you manage that fancy little bullet-point list there, Kiteman? I figure that we humans are human because we ask ourselves what it is that separates a man from an animal. I worded that weirdly, hang on.. It's like, what's the difference between a man and a boy? A man is just a boy that is old enough to ask that question. I doubt that I made any sense at all. Nevertheless, ::posts::
The bullets are done like this:

*But with a space after the star.

  • See?
I think you might have a point about the asking...
Thank you, good sir.
srikar069 years ago
well other that physical differences, what exactly are you lookign for? are you looking for proof and support for one vs. the other? or are you just writing a persuasive paper where you are allowed to use your own opinion. if you need references look at articles from biology or zoology section in your library catalog. You can just uses Google to get you started but your university library will be your best source to find articles.
Lubna (author)  srikar069 years ago
thnks every one who had put their opinion here....

and srikar 06glad to see ur help,actually what ever i m opening i hav to pay through credit card of that articles and i m nt having facility of credit card as a m still a student n i am from Pakistan,our university is nt that much well equiptted to open articles,n you know wht i m having little time 4 this assignmnt submission tht y i thought to put a question so that i ll have sum info abt it,

m grateful to all of u 4 ur precious time n comments n helping me....


u are write i hav to consult articles n hav eto justify what ever i ll quote from article by providing evidences of researches done on monkeys and human beings,


thekeltycat9 years ago
My hubby says the main difference is the thumb. That is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are the only animal that can make our thumb and small finger touch.
Mine come close, but I have never been ever to do that (caused all kinds of problems in boy scouts...the 3 finger salute and all, and in ASL, the letter 'w' is signed that way and I have troubles with it. To me, the most obvious difference is chromosome count.
Patrik Goodhart9 years ago
Nah - touching your thumb to your pinky is no big deal, since you pinky is functionally speaking the least important finger of your hand.

Having an opposable thumb is a big deal, but there's plenty of other animals that have that.

As for chromosome count - turns out that's a quite variable trait of genomes in general. 23 is no magical number, and there are plenty of other animals that have 23 chromosomes.

To me, the crucial difference is humans' ability to pass on information from generation to generation. Sure, there are plenty of examples where chimps are known to pass along food gathering tricks from mother to child. And pods of whales seem to have their own "culturally" transmitted repertoires of songs. But this is one thing where humans really do excel, whether it's to amazingly extended oral histories, or to the invention of writing. This what has enabled the human race to slowly pull itself out of the dirt and "stand on the shoulders of giants".

(Language is a prerequisite for this - you need some way to encode knowledge and pass it on. But language without retention of knowledge is little better than vocalization...)
Goodhart Patrik9 years ago
Nah - touching your thumb to your pinky is no big deal, since you pinky is functionally speaking the least important finger of your hand.

It is to me, since I cannot do it LOL

My mention of the chromosomal imbalance is mainly to demonstrate that this is the key to designating a "different" species.
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