disappearing string

Instructbales keeps removing <IRremote.h> from my #include line from my Arduino code

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lemonie5 years ago
You could attach the code as a .txt file; those who are interested will download it, the rest are spared scrolling past code and you're saved the hassle of formatting it to the page.

techbitar (author) 5 years ago
I tried it but my code turns into one long line. I have copied the code from the Arduino IDE, Notepad, and also from Notepad++ but ended up with same result. Any suggestions how I can retail line breaks?
mikeasaurus5 years ago
If you insert the brackets into the editor it won't recognize it as an Arduino sketch. While editing your project, in the rich editor try adding:

<textarea cols="75" readonly="readonly" rows="20" style="width: 600px; height: 294px;">


The code above will work, however in an Instructable, you must use the "Source" button (far right of your editor buttons) in order to paste the above code. If the height of the box isn't large enough, just change the number value in the code (but leave everything else the way it is).

The "Rich Editor" button only appears above the comment window. :-)
Right, forgot to add "go to source" and input this as HTML. Nice catch!
No problem. :)