do girls hate beards?

do girls like beards and I need to now so I can shave it off or not.

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Kiteman9 years ago
In my experience, they like "no beard" and "finished beard", but none of the scratchy, itchy in-between stages. Scrape the inside of your wrist up your unshaven face to find out why.
my ex loved the stubble
So why is she your ex... ;-)
she left me for another guy... ya it kinda sucked
zieak7 years ago
...the keepers like them!
ChrysN9 years ago
When nicely trimmed they are okay, not the "wild bushman with food hanging off it" kind.
gmjhowe9 years ago
My gf likes both, sometimes i have a beard, sometimes im shaved. But then it only takes me like a week to grow a beard so…
ha ha hey, what happened to that sticky red stuff on your face??
well, i use my avatar on more than ibles, so they all match now.
ohhh... i liked the sticky red stuff one though! :D
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