does anyone skimboard and if you do can you help me?

well if anyone does skimboard can you help me so i want to buy a new skimboard i want to advance from wood boards to fiber glass boards so can you tell me what fiber glass board i should get? and if you dont know what skimboarding is here is a pic so if you still dont get you throw the skimboard on the ground and then run and catch up to it and jump on it and ride

Picture of does anyone skimboard and if you do can you help me?
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CharlieB61 year ago

Any 1 have a cheap fiberglass skimboard please

NikoH10 CharlieB65 months ago

hey i noticed that this message went up almost a year ago and i was wondering if you still have the board . And if you do please contact me letting me know the price and condition it is in thanks.

exile skim4 years ago
Hey i ride an exile, love it its a bit pricey at about 440 range w/ traction pads( which are an absolute must for the waves i ride) the difference is that foam core skimboards that are reinforced by fiberglass or carbon fiber As with most things you get what you pay for: Buy cheap, you get cheap. Properly cared for, a top-quality skimboard will last several seasons of day-in, day-out usage. So spend the money, it'll make learning that much easier, and skimming that much more fun.

Top-quality boards today for wave surfing are made out of foam, fiberglass, carbon cloth, even kevlar. Prices for a beginner's board (if you're a little guy) starts at about $50, and go up to about $120. High-end boards generally start at about $200, can be as high as $500 with the vic foamie as the exception about 165 (thats what i recommend for you its for beginners) , and are worth every single penny. Generally, there are three different high-quality brands available. Most people start out on a Zap. Their base models are inexpensive and incredibly durable, yet still allow you to learn most of the tricks. And their recently issued pro models have been getting rave reviews from amateurs and pros alike. Slotstik is a high-end foam core board that's generally out of the price range for most beginners. Slots are generally known for their maneuverability, and have become all the rage on both coasts. Thanks to their design, they do though require a certain amount of skill to ride if the waves are breaking far off the beach. Finally, there's Victoria. The oldest skimboard manufacturer around, Vic makes many different types of high-performance boards, excellent mid-level boards, and even good wooden boards. they other than exile are my favorite

Now a note about those wooden boards: Surf shops sell wooden boards like mad. Should you buy one... no unless you are a beginner or flatland skimmer. it also Depends on why you want to buy one. If you're a visitor to the beach and don't plan on coming back much, are just a little guy, don't want to spend what a foam board costs (it's just a little more, but we all have our budgets), or know for sure you'll be content just riding back and forth parallel to the waves, then buy one. If, on the other hand, you think you'll want to progress to your limits, then you can buy a far better board by spending just a little bit more money.

If you just gotta buy a wooden board, look to Victoria they have a decent woodie. its nice and thick its also what i started on. Finally, whatever you buy, put wax on it! You need wax on all boards that don't have a textured top. it'll keep you on the board. you can either do that ore get traction pads for bigger waves i skim in cabo and other places with large waves so i need the traction pads. 4-5 footers just get wax and make sure to get either tropical wax or cold wax for where your skimming.
ask your local surf shop they'll help you out
sadly I'm way too late to help you but if any other people visit this forum hopefully this help
exile skim out bro
itri455 years ago
I would recommend a zap board or a victoria.
just remeber that its not the board, its the rider.
i bought an old fiberglass zap board at a garage sale for 2 dollars when i was six. it had a chipped nose and was basically falling apart. i rode it until i was 14 when it finally fell apart but i was better than some guys at the beach that road 300 dollar boards. and i was riding a 2 dollar board.

its not the board, its the rider.
Candan5 years ago
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If i was buying a board, I would definitely go with the fiberglass board. It may be harder on your wallet, but it will be better in the long-run. With fiberglass boards, you can go deeper and do more tricks easier (in my opinion). I hope this helps! :D
- Brent Michael
Pat Sowers9 years ago
i do, i have a board that is made by the company "ZAP" and it is a fast board the first time i jumped on it i hurt myself because i fell off.
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers9 years ago
and are you a wave rider (do you go into the waves?) or do you just ride the sand or what the kid in the pic is doing?
My board takes ma a good 50 yards before I stop witch give me lots of time to do cool stuff. (I do this one trick were I jump up in the air wile I give the board a spin or two under me and then land back on it.) That was hard to learn, I would run my foot over sometimes when I messed up.
Aww man I learned that this year, Shuv-its right? anyway those are awesome and i have a wooden board but I might need a new one soon so...
Im a beginner, I usually dont go into the water. I fall of most of the time when I jump on at the start.
i ride on the sand but i do tricks
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers9 years ago
ya the only reason im getting a new one cause im starting to go into the waves and the woody board sinks after it gets deep out into the water
Find a board with the biggest curved tip in the front as you can fine. That will help you get in the air after you hit a wave. I have seen someone do a back flip off a wave before
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers9 years ago
ya me to i wish ill be able to do that someday and ive been skimboarding for three years so i kinda know what im doin i just need a new fiber glass board
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers9 years ago
ya the nearby surf shop sells zap and im kinda leaning towards it cause i dont think i wana buy a skimboard off the internet and is it wood or fiber glass
fiber glass
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers9 years ago
how much was it?
80 usd
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers9 years ago
$80?? and how many inches is it
Easy Button (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
umm i dont really wana buy a skimboard off ebay cause you never know what it is really like that could be a picture before they ever rode it or something so im just gona buy one from my local surf shop
Where did I say to buy it off ebay? I was simply showing you prices.
Easy Button (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
ok but those are the prices of the 'used' boards
Exactly, it was to show you that 80 dollars isn't an unheard of price for a skim board. Also, plenty of those are brand new.
Easy Button (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
ok im probaly gona buy one off amazon.com
uhhh..... i have no idea
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers8 years ago
about 3.5 - 4 feet long
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers8 years ago
where did you get it
it was a gift
Easy Button (author)  Pat Sowers8 years ago
Bran9 years ago
I wish I could skimboard. I have a wood one ($5!) but keep falling on my butt. Can't answer your question, and really to butt in, but: what's the difference between a fiberglass board and a wood one?
wow... escuse me? "WHATS THE DIFFERENCE" everything and most obiously the fiberglass is lighter can ride waves higher rides on thiner water looks cooler is faster the paint doesent chip off. your welcome and sorry if i sounded mean but "WHATS THE DIFF." srry again:)
Wow, excuse me?
There is a 'be nice' policy here.

A bit re-wording would be just.
i can tell your young, so ill go easy on you. try reading the 6th and 9th line of my responce? thankyou=]
I can tell you that I'm not as young as you think.. A little re-wording to begin with, just makes it easier, and then you don't have to apologize. You could have just plainly told the main differences, or the pros and cons of Wood vs. Fiberglass.
i have a wood board and im better than you (cousins)
cool hi
Easy Button (author)  Bran9 years ago
fiber glass is lighter and you can go further out to get the big unbroken waves (thats what i heard anyways)
OK take it from the pro you probaly already bought a stick by now but. I used a wood board two years ago and now I have a fiberglass. you'll find that with a fiberglass you will be able to go on thiner water and go up higher waves. if your in east cost water than a great wave riding board isn't important but I'd still go with the ZAP boards :there cheap and effective I personally own the wedge board from there collection with custom airbrush graphics and a pretty good light durable Foam inside and fyi if you see kids with traction pads on there boards you may want one but there not important unless your a pro otherwise just use wax for your ocean type.be sure to get a board for your weight and don't go to much under or over your weight limit for best skimboarding. depending on your price limit and how cool you want to look you can even by a pro exile or victoria skimboard
Kiteman9 years ago
I saw a bunch of kids skimboarding off Paignton (Devon, UK) - their boards all seemed to be plywood with a plastic upper layer and grippy bits for their feet.
Easy Button (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
actually the inside is made of some kind of foam that is very durable and hard but still light and the outside is fiber glass the wood ones are just well wood with some plastic stuff over it
Help You? All I can do is make you worse :(
Easy Button (author)  fobblewabble8 years ago
lol no i was just looking for an oppion on which board i should get