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Does anyone have a good, homemade dog food recipe? my dog has food allergies. She does a lot better when she doesn't have any sugars or grains. I still haven't figured out what she is allergic to, for sure. I am willing to try anything!

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My dog has become health and his coat has become more Shiny from the day I started giving him raw I only feed him Raw 3 days a week so I think giving raw is good idea.
nalysale6 years ago
cooked bones are bad.they are not avoid them.give light food with milk.
smuffed7 years ago
Raw bones and meat are absolutely excellent for dogs! My guy gets a lamb shank, beef bone, or chicken back nightly!

As for your comment about allergies,  I'd simply avoid grains. They tend to be one of the biggest causes of problems. If you're not sure you want to feed a homemade diet, you can look into companies that sell frozen, pre-made diets.

You could also try her on a grain free kibble, there are tons on the market.

check out, they have an awesome list.
Mothys9 years ago
I don't think cooked bones are a good idea...
LuciKnows9 years ago
I didn't know that about cooked bones. Jezzzzz
NCRatSniper9 years ago
and by your dogs will probably love im not refferring to the stuff in the beef...
NCRatSniper9 years ago
I do this, ONLY do this if your dogs gets lots of excercise, very high in carbs and energy. One cup of rice One small package raw ground beef, with fat One carrot, chopped Half a cup of peas Sprig of parsley, chopped Place 2 c water in med saucepan over high heat. Add all ingredients. Bring to boil for 1 minute. Turn down to simmer, till water has evaporated. Cool. Feed to hungry dog. Reply if you have questions.
. Why cook anything but the rice*? I'm certainly not a dog expert, but most of what I've read says dogs do better on raw food. See BARF diet.
. Either way, it sounds like something my dogs would love. :)

*Even that may not be necessary. Raw rice is probably no harder than bones.
Goodhart10 years ago
Seriously though, here is one place that I have heard about (I don't own a dog or cat, so am not familiar with them personally|).

Natural Dog food, samples too....
Goodhart10 years ago
in a word: CAT (just joking; -).
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