dog pee

what's best to use to eliminate dog pee odors

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NachoMahma10 years ago
. What type of material is causing the odor? Carpet? Furniture? ??
hso1 NachoMahma6 years ago
neither carpet nor furniture but at my back yard
Goodhart hso16 years ago
There are all kinds of pet determents out there, if they are not your pets causing the problem
NachoMahma hso16 years ago
. If your back yard smells of dog urine, then you are trying to keep way too many dogs in that area. Either get a bigger yard or fewer dogs.
craftyv6 years ago
If you still have a dog it will go back every time to the spot. Dont use bleach because it alters the smell to you but not the dog.
HamO10 years ago
Eliminate the dog!
Hoyt10 years ago
For dry wee spots try this: -Mix 1:1 borax and baking soda. -Add just enough warm water to dissolve the mixture. -Use a spray bottle to apply this solution the offending location. -Be sure to thoroughly saturate the spot. HINT: a handheld black light can help you find the exact location of the offense.
Metal4God10 years ago
bleach it works
asyn10 years ago
Woolite makes a pet odor remover that also causes the pet to avoid using that spot again. It works pretty good. It also keeps your dog from humping stuffed animals that are sprayed with it. Don't ask.
lemonie10 years ago
I just saw an advert for Febreze:


They make claims for odour elimination
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