dont know which gun to get? (airsoft guns that is)

so your beginning airsoft but you dont know which gun to get?
i had the same question and i got a crossman stinger p9 (in black) for 24 bucks at dicks sporting goods it came with 500 bbs and a holster. its easy to use accurate and the best part about it is the way it loads, you fill the 90bb reserve in back of mag, pull down the slider thing turn it over and gravity loads it in 10 sec so you can get back in the game before your buddies.
if you have a gun you think is better let us know
wikipedia has great info on arisoft in general

update 2/22/08
WHen you want a gun you can use in actual airsofting but dont want to spend $150+ get a $80 crossman pulse r72 i got one and its has great rate of fire and accuracy

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hornbadoing5 years ago
Gamo bone collector .22 is better....
Aron3135 years ago
Get a m4! Or l96 co2 rifle!
Aron3135 years ago
Haha i got a forum just like this!
i make shooting things (author) 10 years ago
in the next month or so i plan to expand my arsenal, i want a cheepish AEG (automatic electronic gun) if i decide to go cheep i plan to get a crosman pulse pistol and i decide to go all out then i plan to get a Crosman Pulse R72 is ether one of these a piece of crap or is their a much better gun for the same price. im looking at semi/full auto electric not gas
i got the R72, Electric pistols suck. so it was an easy choice.
i have the R72 but it is a newer model. i got it for 100 bucks. all my friends are scared of it, even against their $150-200 guns:)
my little brother got an electric blowback pistol once... it jammed in five mins, he tried to fix it by taking it apart, and it broke and he voided the warranty by taking it apart. personally, i would get a co2 blowback, they are more realistic, but i know only a little about them ... still i hear co2 is more durable..
Green gas guns are sweet my friend has a UHC tomb raider non blow back. And it looks crazy realistic (no red tip for some reason). Blow back guns waist gas it has to use gas to push the slide back so it cost a little more money to use and a little more up front. you also lose FPs- i would get a non blowback. + theres less moving parts so more reliable.
Where can you get green gas? I kinda want a blowback gun for fun but I live where there's no special stores. I could just get CO2.
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