dosimeter, how to

Any body have a simple way
to build one cheap 70 120 db requirement

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Udon1 month ago

Build an electroscope!

It literally can be built from junk, and it hardly requires any complicated hand tools.

It makes for a simple dosimeter.

Kiteman6 years ago
Do you mean "dosimeter",or do you mean a "meter to measure decibels"?

The first will be very hard to make as a DIY project, the second can be done with a microphone on your computer and suitable software.

there are auditory dosimeters available, but building one from scratch will require a bit of knowledge in both electronics and both digital and analog frequency detection; or as you wrote, use the equipment already available with a bit of software and he'd be set.  There are probably much better one's available then something like this.....
Oh, thanks for that new knowledge!
When I work in a nuclear facility, the dosimeters are in fact VERY simple, they are effectively a gold-leaf electroscope. We are given a "pen" like device, with a window in the base, which allows a microscope to read the position of the leaf. They are charged up and ionising radiation will cause the leaf to move back towards the holder.

Calibration would be tricky, I grant you....
Oh... I thought they were all those badges with film under varying thicknesses of plastic...
The electrometers have the advantage of being very quick to read. I was surprised when I first went, because I expected the film badge type.