hi, i am wanting a dremel rotary tool, for christmas, but which one? which one does everyone else use? which one do you like? any feedback would be well appreciated. Thanks

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I have the 200-N/38, its corded, but the corded ones have replaceable motor brushes and you dont have to worry about running out of juice, just plug in an extension cord. I have used it on everything, from cement to rebar to locks, even those crazy "security" screws on hard drives, you can just grind a slot into the head and open it with a regular screwdriver.
I have the digital one, I like it.
kind of pointless, knowing how fast it is rotating...
HTF (author) 8 years ago
how do the add ons for the demel? like the drill press, planer, rotary table, ect?
guyfrom7up8 years ago
I don't know what I have, I have a corded one. I use to have a stylus, but I think my electronic lab blew the charger, and new ones were no where to be found/as expensive as the dremel it's self. So I had to pitch it..l
purduecer8 years ago
I personally use a 10.8V cordless dremel, which I have gotten a ton of use out of and enjoy a great deal. The only problem with the tool is that my projects frequently outlast my batteries charge time, so there is some down time while I wait for the dremel battery to charge. Other than that, though, it's great :-)
HTF (author)  purduecer8 years ago
hmm, i was thinking corded anyways. the cord doesn't bother me. I was looking at the the 400 model xpr i believe. it comes with special xpr attachments or something.