dsman195276's sidearm

Its a good 8 shot pistol. it has ok power and a range of around 20 feet( sidearms are for close combat) heres a picture, it is a old picture but not to many mods have been made to the gun.

Picture of dsman195276's sidearm
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TheDunkis9 years ago
Is it me or does this gun seem to be a moderatly modified version of loosewire's pistol? Well when it comes down to it it's pretty much the handle and barrel without the slide and instead a top decoration. Still pretty sweet.
dsman195276 (author)  TheDunkis9 years ago
no, there is more different then that. the ammo is different as well to stop jamming.
and that ammo would be? Man I'm trying to get my mp5k posted but once again I can't find my camcorder. Then i'm stuck on what to make after that. I'm thinking just because everyone would love it but no one has posted a good working model yet that i would try to make the SMG from halo. doesn't look too hard.
My gun doesn't jam with a dark grey connector with a green rod on but the slide can't pull a grey rod back far enough to reload.
man, thats the ammo i use. but that will not work on your gun(with out some modifications anyway)
tech-king9 years ago
since when are sidearms for close range? the d-eagle is for long range, the browning 9mm is for med range etc. 40 feet is an okay figure, but it could be a lot better.
Sidearms are short range weapons and that is what they are designed for, alot of people have no use for the Desert Eagle because of its weight and extremely high power.
no use!! it has better stopping power than a .45, minus all the low rof and penetration problems the .45 had. sidearms are meant for medium to close ranges.
since when are sidearms for close range?

sidearms are meant for medium to close ranges.

medium to close ranges, not purley for close ranges
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