How do I download e-books?

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windbag (author) 5 years ago
Thanks to canucksgirl and Kiteman for helping me figure this out. I am using Windows 7. When I select an ebook there is the general introductory info. Apparently most people two button that clearly show up prompting you to chose epub or pdf. All I have is a very thin yellow line with a white dash in the middle. This seems to correspond with the two yellow buttons. If I very carefully and delicately pick the left yellow line= pdf button, I can download with no problem. I do not know if this is a programing problem or my computer problem but this is how I figured out how to work around it.
As Kiteman suggests, it might be a script-blocking add-on installed on your browser. Make sure you have no browser add-on running, then clear your browser cache and refresh the page.
As promised.... moved to bugs.
Kiteman windbag5 years ago
It sounds like a script-blocker problem.

Do you have anything running that stops adverts appearing, or pop-ups? They have been known to interfere with the appearance of active buttons on the site.
windbag (author) 5 years ago
So i want to download the paracord e-book. I have it pulled up, click on "download the e-book". That takes me to a page that asks me to tell what devise/software/format. I chose adobe/pdf. I already have that on my computer. Where am I messing up? (getting frustrated)
When you get to the second screen (where you choose the format you want), just click on the "download pdf" button and the pdf will open up in your web browser. Then simply click your "FILE" menu option (in your browser), and click on "Save As" and then save the pdf to somewhere on your computer. That's it. :-)
windbag (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
still cannot get it to work. Where is the download pdf button?
On this screenshot I just took, you should see 2 yellow buttons. The one on the left says "Download PDF".

If you don't see the same options, let me know.
windbag (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
All I see is a tiny yellow line with a tiny white dash in the middle. Those two large buttons must be minimized for some reason. If I ckick on the left side of that yellow line then I get an option to download. Presto. Thanks so much.

Do you know if this is a programing issue or my computer issue??
Glad it worked. Not sure what the problem is with the buttons.

Can you start a new comment above and post a screenshot of the way you see the buttons and include your OS info and browser info and I'll move this topic to bugs for the developers to look at.
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