eagle - how to put smt components on bottom layer

Hello all. I'm trying to lay out an eagle pcb with both smt and conventional components and I'm trying to make it single -sided. Does anyone know how to put an SMT part on the bottom layer? Thanks

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westfw9 years ago
Use the "mirror" command (GUI button just below "move") to flip things to the other side. Or use the middle mouse button during a "move" operation.
WORMSS westfw1 year ago

8 years later, "middle mouse button" helped greatly.

Same here ;)

thx :)

thegruffalo (author)  westfw9 years ago
Thanks, that's perfect.
mario596 years ago
That's not completely true!!! Some components cannot be mirrored, like transistors... If you want have PTH transistors on top and SMD on bottom, and you mirror the board, You'll get mirrored transistors pads. How do you manage this if you don't want bend pins? ;-)
ucupzzz mario594 years ago
yes, right.. you must change the SMD pad in library to combine SMD n PTH component.. if you just mirror the board, the PTH pad become wrong..
p07gbar8 years ago
Thank you sooo much
if you are going to make the pcb yourself, just do everything on the top side, when you print the toner transfere paper or transparency sheets you would not need to do any flipping of the image
thegruffalo (author)  frank260801159 years ago
good tip, thanks