electric eye

I would like to make an 'electric eye'. When the eye's beam is broken, it will close a switch and send power to an ac/dc converter. When the beam is restored, the switch will open. suggestions?

Goodhart8 years ago
Many circuits that uses a phototransistor can be adapted for this.
Mothys8 years ago
Wait whats an electric eye... guess i better go look that up
dark sponge9 years ago
A laser pointer shines across the room to a photoresistor. The photoresistor is hooked up to a relay so when the beam is broken, power flows to the relay. The relay recieves the power and closes, allowing power to go to your ac/dc converter.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
Look into garage openers or alarm systems. There is a safety light beam device that when you break the light path, the opener is powered to lift the doors or stop. Maybe you can adapt a similar circuit. If you need a circuit from scratch, others here should be able to offer help. Good luck.