electronic/mechanical/ LED-Radio-Decoder Wedding rings?

Hey there,

my future wife and I are looking for some fancy wedding rings. Well, we're both geeks, so it should be something that involves electricity or a nifty function ;-)
Unfortunaly she's allergic to some metal components often used in steel or gold/silver, so titan or something like that would be more suitable. Aluminum or some plastics would work too, i guess.

Thats the problem right there. Even if we'd find something online or a store that makes rings, they'll probably not work with titan since its harder to work with.

I found some LED rings at

but as allways the problem is the metal and of course power.
A battery would either have to be replacable or rechargable ;D (capacitor? but even a low current led wont even flash up with a tiny capacitor?)
A solarcell so tiny it'll fit ontop of a ring without looking redicoulus would not be efficient enough I'dd guess.
Of course, as previously stated, it could be something mechanical (as http://www.switzerwatch.com/product_info.php?language=en&viID[4]=30&products_id=1297 for example)

A nifty idea would be if the rings would actually do something when brought together (magnetism, induction, mechanism).

I also had the idea of the rings morsing the date every few minutes on radio, much like http://www.mcmanis.com/chuck/robotics/projects/eelb.html

if all fails we'll just look into something cool to engrave (there are rings with laser engraved fingerprints as example) or we'll just embed a electronic part such as a resitor with a value representing the day we've met or such.

ANY (cool) ideas apreceated, especialy about LEDs, sources/shops, adresses to shops customizing, and so on (but please, nothing over 50-200 bucks, we're not rich).

I hope you guys / gals dont start to laugh at us now. We cant help it. We just want something unique and not a golden ring with some diamond. Some people really have rings that look ugly! Well, geeky LEDs do too, but at least they do something ;-)

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Patrik9 years ago
Can't help you with the power problem, but it strikes me that a little red "heartbeat" LED would look really cool. You could have an oscillator which is weakly coupled to your own heartrate (maybe electrodes on either end of the ring?), but more strongly coupled (photocell? inductively?) with the second ring. You could use it as a rough heart monitor when you're out jogging by yourself. But when you're holding hands with your sweety, the two rings would beat in synchrony!
schorhr (author)  Patrik9 years ago
Neat idea :) Or I could use IR for the "Ring-Link"; Unfortunaly the SMD TSOP and such are pretty bulky... I wish I had more space, not only because I never soldered these tiny parts before but also to include more power which seems to limit creativity the most :-(
Goodhart9 years ago
Here is an idea American Science and Surplus search for dazzlers, second item down from the top.

schorhr (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Thanks for the link! Yes, I had that idea too, but such a batteryholder is just too bulky for 24/7 wearing ;.) Unfortunaly the project is on hold for now as I would have to order in 4 different shops, spending 4xpostage, plus I have other things to do at the moment.
Did you make it yet? If not, try making the whole thing an induction coil. A few SMD diodes makes a rectifier, and you may be able to make an "old-fashioned" capacitor using 2 loops of metal. It would be a simple LED blinker, turning on whenever it has power, but its worth a shot, and it'd be cool. :P
to make it even smaller you could use a smd bridge rectifier....but personally I can't even see them well enough to use them LOL
Haha! I always just stick with diodes, because its less types of parts, are they really small?
4 diodes is less then one bridge ? :-)

Here is a pic of one magnified a bit.... and

This one here.....is all of 5 mm on the long side.
Ok, I had the physical catalog in my hand and thought I would mention it. I didn't look at it closely though.
schorhr (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Yeah, induction was one of my thoughts too, especially for the interacting part. Still, its not a good power source Im affraid :-/ The radiowave emitter will probably be the only thing that will run from the tiny solar cells, as the capacitors in that smd size will not store enough for a led to do something constantly :-/ I hope I can make these things soon.
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