elictrolisis will make aluminum powder? help please

i have read about disolving zink or magnesium in acid and colecting it on a electrode as a salt threw elictrolisis. would this work with aluminum ? in new zealand it is hard to buy aluminium powder for thurmite so would like to make my own. i have already colected a usable amount of iron oxide from rusty steel using elictrolisis.

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Padlock9 years ago
Haha...What are you trying to make?
Kiteman Padlock9 years ago
Since he complains about not being able to buy aluminium powder for thermite, I'd hazard a guess that he's trying to make thermite...
Padlock Kiteman9 years ago
Obviously, but what does he need the thermite for...? Trying to recreate the Hindenburg?
Kiteman Padlock9 years ago
For some people, thermite is an end in itself.
Padlock Kiteman9 years ago
Haha. Do you know the elemental composition of thermite is? I googled it and I couldn't find anything.
I have done this reaction personally several times.

It is as follows:

(3) Fe O + (1) Al
3 4
note: the number in parenthesis is the ratio - 3 to 1.
(by mass, not volume)
Both in powdered form for the most complete reaction.
Kiteman Padlock9 years ago
It's a mixture of aluminium powder and iron oxide (rust). I can't remember the ratios off-hand, but there are several thermite projects on this site.
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
Found it - by weight, it's three parts rust to one part aluminium.

Reference, includes notes on "exotic" thermites.
Padlock Kiteman9 years ago
Kiteman Padlock9 years ago
Not a problem - some of those exotics look fun. I'll have to check the videos.
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