emaxx camera?

Hi, i have a traxxass E-maxx and was wondering if there is a way to attatch a camera inside the body? I have a few ideas, but i wanna know what you guys think. Thanks!

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lemonie8 years ago
Get a bolt that will screw into the camera, and a couple of nuts. Drill a hole in the bodywork and attach the bolt firmly with a nut & a couple of washers. It may be a good idea to secure the bolt with a bit of glue. Use a lock-nut to secure the camera.

your talking about screwing up 410$ rc car for a camera
chopstx is talking about fitting a camera to a $410 RC car, got any ideas that don't involve screwing some part of it in some way?
(I only found the $180 camera when I looked, not the $30 mount)

you were talking about puting a hole in it for a camera
In the bodywork. Spare shells would be around the same price as thecamera holder you mentioned?

chopstx (author)  lemonie8 years ago
aeromancy8 years ago
How about commercial-grade velcro?
chopstx (author)  aeromancy8 years ago
Go to <a href="http://www.towerhobbies.com">WWW.towerhobbies.com</a> stroll down the page until you traxxas on the side search bar its towards the bottom click on it you will see at the top it will have there catagories(electric,nitro,ect)go to accesorries and they have a on board cammera holder for 30$
chopstx (author)  silentassasin218 years ago
Uh...........................problem. It says 179.99$. ????????