embed youtube video into instructable


This may sound odd, as I have already done it before but can't for the life of me recall how I did it...

I want to embed a YouTube video into a new instructable I am working on.  I have the link and embed code etc, but don't see an option to add this. It is 112MB file, so not going to upload a file, but link it with the embed code as I have before:

I am probably missing something obvious, but any ideas?


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stuartbray (author) 7 years ago

Thanks for the responses. I can embed using the code in 'source', but it then requires me to add images, as I suspect it needs a series of steps with images to be eligible for publication. Makes me think that it is a bug with an absent 'add embed code here' option.

I tried it but it won't let me publish a single step with a video embedded.

Are you just wanting to publish a single-video I'ble? There's a separate interface for that -- Submit New Video -- which is specifically just a single step with an embed.
stuartbray (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Yup...that's the one. I knew it must be that simple. Duh!

Thank you. It's up in a second!

Looks great. Glad it worked.
I think this is what you're asking, but let me know if I'm wrong...

When you're editing the steps of an instructable, click on the "Source" link, for whatever step you want to insert video into. Then paste the embed code, in addition to whatever else you want there, and you should be good.
Matt, can you check the priority for fixing the embed bug? As you may recall, when the "video" icon is used in the Rich Editor, the embed codes are not put into the text correctly. This ought to be fixed, since not all users have access to the HTML source.