epiphone mandolin

For i while now i have been wanting to get a mandolin. something that is reliable, will somewhat stand the test of time and stays close Close to the price of $130 USD. One that i'm likeing the sound of is as follows...
Macro Not Found:

If anyone has had any experience with this product or has a better suggestion please let me know.

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Punkguyta10 years ago
How come it says macro not found in the post window?
wingman246 (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
no idea, but it annoyed me b\c had to post it as a comment.
its a lion10 years ago
i have never played it, but i would be more inclined to buying an epi one than the rogue that you had posted about before. looks like its just those two brands in the 100-200 dollar range.
wingman246 (author)  its a lion10 years ago
its an epiphone so it had better be good. And hopefully it'll last 4 or 5 years, by then i probably have bought a better one.
wingman246 (author) 10 years ago