eski - Autonomous Foosball Table - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist!

To see who won the VersaLaser, read the announcement here.

eski was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:
Autonomous Foosball Table

Should this project win the grand prize VersaLaser laser cutter package from Universal Laser worth over $15,000? Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Audience votes will count for 20% of the total. Check out all the finalists, and vote for your favorites!

This is a forum post created by the Instructables staff on behalf of the finalist.

Thanks for all the support everybody!

Picture of eski - Autonomous Foosball Table - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist!
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vince0869 years ago
now this was a good idea!!!!
bndn819 years ago
biojae9 years ago
very cool, now if only i had enough time and materials to build this (If only i could play foosball!).
shooter1299 years ago
i dont even know what this is
shooter1299 years ago
i voted
I think this one is clearly the best of the bunch! Hope you guys win!
Cockblock9 years ago
Awesome table. Go Entensity d00ds.
mknawabi9 years ago
i love foolsball
DruMasta879 years ago
Dude, that's an awesome invention. GOOD LUCK ESKIBOI!
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