evaporative ammonia refrigerator

I was wandering if anyone knows how to make an ammonia evaporator refrigerator system. I am looking for something that is equivalent to commercial ammonia evaporator refrigerators. Thanks

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Tyramead4 years ago
I agree Ammonia can be very dangerous and preventing leaks can be very difficult. still however there must be a working design somewhere. This looks like a good start

useful16 years ago
I too would be interested in an instructable in an ammonia refrigerator. There is zlitch info I could find via google on instructions or a make build.

Closest I could find to a diagram would be an einstein refrigerator. But it lacks specifics. I would be building a empty hull without knowing how it works, if I followed the image of the einstein frige in the US patent office.

You really don't want to mess with Ammonia, it kills very easily. The toxicity of ammonia is why CFC was invented.

NachoMahma10 years ago
. Same basic principle as a Freon unit - compress a gas to liquid, shed some heat, expand to a gas, repeat.
There's another way :D You can use a heat source, rather than using a mechanical compressor ;) This is how propane refrigeration systems work.
explica como seria el sistema
The heat vaporizes the refrigerant, and it comes back to liquid thanks to the radiator (black grid at the back of the refrigerator), and go down to the source of heat thanks to the gravity ?? Sounds interesting ... But that must be difficult to DIY ...
Possibly a difficult DIY -- I think weak and strong solutions of ammonia are involved too :/ But anything worthwhile takes a bit of homework and investment ;)
IMO the dollar store is worthwhile =]
Hahaha -- I was getting at a time investment ;) It made me sad to find out that IBC root beer would no longer be sold in glass bottles at the dollar store (it's now in smaller cans - but still bigger than a 12oz) :(
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