extract skeleton from smal (dead) animal

i want to dissolve the flesh & preserve the skeleton of a small snake - i have consulted this site re: skinning the snake, & was wondering what was the easiest/best way to be rid of the flesh - perhaps simply boiling it away? any help here appreciated - also interested in skulls & skeletons of mice/rats. -thanks queentopaz5@yahoo.com

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srikar0610 years ago
i would go with putting it on an ant mound. they really clean out the bones
uguy10 years ago
Here in the South we have a favorite and convenient method of doing this. We have plenty of sometimes large red ant or fire ant mounds. Simply deposit the dead animal on the mound and check back in a few days. Bones will be cleaned very nicely. Just use caution upon removal.
royalestel10 years ago
Knew some kids that boiled away the flesh from the head of a wildcat. Also a professor that had to boil away the flesh from a decapitated head, so he could reconstruct the face for the FBI. Which was really wierd. Or Weird.
Oh yeah, might want to PM Canida about this. She's the resident taxidermy expert.
Patrik10 years ago
I've heard that burying inside a mesh bag works pretty well too. You'll want something with pores large enough to let insects, beetles, worms, ants etc through, but fine enough so you don't lose any of the bones. May be a bit tricky for very small animals. Maybe a baggie made out of window screen mesh?
guyfrom7up10 years ago
boiling would probably be best