can anyone tell me how to extract platinum from catalyc converters? (pardon my spelling)

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beserker6 years ago
In California where unfortunatly I live to have some of the acids in your possesion is a crime (In posession of a industrail controled chemical) besides this, which at least is easy to get around( dont get caught)..anyway its all just way too much of a pain in the butt. You need large amounts to process, you indeed must be careful, inhaling fumes and posssible splashes on skin means you need chemical grade aprons and gloves ect... Then after the extraction you must nutralize the solution. If i had very old millitary bread boards with lots of actual gold wire inside i suppose then it would be worthwhile. Lots of things have only one millionth of an inch plated..like most new costume jewelery or a cheap plated ring. Older plated items from jewerly contacts had much more gold and if you go back far enough you will find gold contacts not plated. But like i said lots of hassel, lots of time not enough return plus you must put up with the arragant attitude of anyone with a high level of chemistry background thinking that you are a complete moron and couldnt learn in one year what only takes commoin sense and a little time to learn.
Kiteman9 years ago
The best I can come with on a moment's notice is "no".

The platinum (and palladium and rhodium) in catalysts is very unreactive, so needs powerful chemicals to make it do anything.

You'll be talking very high levels of corrosiveness, toxicity, possibly very high temperature's and pressures and noxious fumes.

Since the cash value of the metals in a catalytic converter is about 30GBP, and a second-hand catalytic converter sells for between 30GBP and 100GBP depending on model, you'd be better off simply selling your catalytic converter, rather than poisoning yourself, blowing yourself up or dissolving your workshop.
Pumpkin$ (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
so a nice acid bath.....
...is hard on the skin!
hello again Kiteman.
Er, hello?
u were the the one who told me where to get liquid nitrogen in my forum.
Qcks9 years ago
The only acids capable of reacting with many of the metals asked about are nitric, sulfuric, and phosphuric acid. These chemicals aren't readily available to people, or are not wel known as the named acid. This is intentional. nitric and sulfuric acid are very powerful components for manufacturing explosives. phosphoric acid is used extensively in the production of illicit drugs. Anywho...Just off the top of my head, you could just try oxidizing all the other components of the catalytic converter. platinum, Paladium, and rubidium don't rust very easily. The one draw back is that this would take a bit of time.
Pumpkin$ (author) 9 years ago
and if this does'nt turn up any answers I can always scrap those windows 95s in my basement for gold, does grinding up the chips and melting them down work?
PKM Pumpkin$9 years ago
You know there's very little gold in computer chips, right? They are mostly silicon, aluminium and plastic. If you want a money-making scheme I suggest you mow people's lawns or something, it's more profitable for a single person than trying industrial precious metal recovery.
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