fake fish for lazy or irresponsible people, how do i make them?

the problem: -----------------------------

i've been wondering how i could make some fake fish.
i live with my parents and want a small aquarium on my room,
but i don't feel responsible enough for such a (silent) pet.
so i want to put some fake fish in my aquarium.
i want them to 'swim' around and look good.
does anyone have an idea?

my ideas: ----------------------

my first idea was using an old cd-drive, buy some fishtoys (or fishing equipment,
i heard people use fake fish to atrract other fish), attach the fish to the cd-drive and
then turn on the drive and see the fish swim around.
the problem is that the cd-drive makes many rotations per second,
so the fish would swim way to fast.

i've been thinking about using magnetism in some way, but i could'nt figure out a
good way to do this. anyone?

closing: -----------------------

i appreciate any idea's. i have no problem with using electricity,
but rather not in the water itself (rather above like my CD drive idea)

thanks in advance.

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tommiesmee (author)  cole14347 years ago
eeeh... i could be misunderstanding your comment, but how does that have anything to do with my question?
It's SPAM. I've flagged it.
tommiesmee (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
okay thanks
kelseymh7 years ago
if you attach small plastic fish with fishing line at the bottom of the tank and place it over a bubbler stone. My guess the bubble stone would be enough to make the fish move about.
tommiesmee (author)  thematthatter7 years ago
that's actually quite a good idea, i'll try it out when i have time. thanks :)
ANDY!7 years ago
get fake fish from a baitshop
tommiesmee (author) 7 years ago
kiteman came quite close, but i cant use a magnet outside (the aquarium will be build in, thats another reason i don't want to use real fish). maybe i could let the fish attract each other.
kelseymh7 years ago
You want an artificial aquarium?
lemonie7 years ago


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