falling picture effect

is there any way to turn this off? it makes the site completely unuseable for me

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Kiteman2 years ago

Check the date...

JayB7 (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

your really hung up on the date, as i said before, what does that have to do with stopping the effect? smh...

Kiteman JayB72 years ago

Just wait until it's not April Fool's Day any more...

The effect is flawless and perfectly executed. Certainly not programmed by the same coders working on the main site.

impied2 years ago

Try refreshing! It should be gone. Caching and servers and whatnot, you know.

JayB7 (author)  impied2 years ago

that only reset it

bakunin JayB72 years ago

Hmm, well if that doesn't shut it off, I recommend shaking the window around a little to see if you can get the images you want to float to the top again.

joshcube2 years ago


bakunin2 years ago

Fear not! You can still click through any and all links and images on the explore page. Looking at projects is also working normally.


I was like, whaa???

And then I thought, hey! it's April fools! :D