fallout 3, the god of all rpgs

I have recently been playing a lot of role playing games and i have to say that fallout 3 is the greatest of them all. just everything about it is so amazing(karma, v.a.t.s, level system, etc.) I just wanted to make my statement and get some feed back. Thoughts, ideas, arguments?

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i got the game over a year ago, and i still play it! BEST GAME EVER
Except for the fact that it has an endgame. I liked Oblivion because there was so much more you could do after the main story line was completed.
FO3 has no endgame if you buy Broken Steel DLC
I agree. Fallout is a great game though. Unfortunately, I no longer have Windows, and my copy is just sitting there. I did have a lot of problems with crashes and blue screens with it though...
Doctor What8 years ago
I've been thinking about picking it up, but I'm too into Oblivion right now (even though it's old, I just got it) I only need to complete the Fighters Guild achievements before I have them all. Another life sucking game.
starwing1238 years ago
Great game. It actually displays the realities of war.
stale568 years ago
i think that FO3 is one of the best (of the 3 rpgs i ever played) the 3 i played were 1. rs (bad memories) 2. oblivion 3. fallout 3 i think that oblivion and fallout were both incredible