fav sports

hey guys list ur fav sport right here!!
mine is..........FOOTBALL!!!

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jreezy8653 years ago
hunter9993 years ago

Badminton FTW!

PHPProMan3 years ago

I like to play football and table-tennis.

helenevans6 years ago
That is certainly more interesting to watch then USA football, for sure
american football rocks if you dont like watching it fine (i dont really like watching it either ) but have u played it? you gotta try before you knock it
Yeah, with all that equipment on, and they still get hurt badly. Ah well, yes, I have played a bit of football (in my day) and to be honest, I don't watch any sport except to pick up tips now and then (bowling, 9 ball, chess). They bore me if I am not participating.
me too i dont really watch sports much i enjoy playing sports though ive only played two years so far and i have bad knees and ankles lol
I played a little soccer too in H.S. but found out I was severely unco-ordinated....was on the gymnastic team for a bit too, since there was less "co-ordinated team effort" in it. That didn't work out so well either
i played soccer in middle school but wasnt very good ive tried tennis and was pretty good then i found football and never looked back lol
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