fave character

this about who you like.i like jake.

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nfk11 (author) 5 years ago
ppl do not reply to this this is just a thing for another website. but you are welcome to join if youu would like.

samson326 years ago
adventure time is f****ing awesome
nfk11 (author)  samson326 years ago
yes it is
samson32 nfk115 years ago
hallealuya brother send me ur email adress tochat plz mine is spikester85@yahoo.com
nfk11 (author)  samson325 years ago
ok how old are you just wondering
samson32 nfk115 years ago
nfk11 (author)  samson325 years ago
oh im 12
RSV26 samson325 years ago
my sis sayes it sucks but i say coooooooolllllllll
happyjo6 years ago
Finn and Jake are the best! So is Lumpy Space princess!
lumpy space princess sounds like a guy shes really funny though
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