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shermtec8 years ago
I've owned: '66 Pontiac GTO '70 Ford Galaxie 500 Sport roof '71 Datsun 510
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skunkbait8 years ago
Of the one's I've owned: '70 Chevelle '77 Monte Carlo '76 Gran Prix '70 MGB '94 Z-28 '85 Corvette '62 (or so) Land Rover Of the ones I'd like to own: '55 Chev '55-'72 Corvette '64-'72 Mustang '65-'67 GTO Any Bugatti, Rolls, Bentley, AC Cobra
. Oh yeah. Gotta love a Goat.
My parents had 2 (one after the other) when I was a baby. Both were '67s, one a hardtop, one a convertible. But more importantly, my mom had a VERY rare Vette when I was like 5. It was a '69 Stingray (British Racing Green, T-Tops) with a 454 (matching #'s). The 454 wasn't supposed to come out until '70, but somehow, Mom had one. When I think about her selling it (about '77), I want to die!!!
. One car I would like to have back is a '68 Dart GTS (link is to a '69, but they are very similar). Mine was brown with the 340 hi-po engine. Schweetness!
. A '79 Camaro Berlinetta is second on the list. Pulled the stock 305 and replaced with a balanced and blueprinted 283 - punched out to 292, and waayyy too much cam. It would run 130+ all day and handled very well 'til you got over ~120.
. A '67 LTD would be third. 390CID. It was a butt-ugly car, but ran like a scalded ape. Spent as much time in the back seat as the front seat. ;)
I had a '68 Estate Wagon with the 390 and 4bbl. You're right, ape thoroughly scalded.
RachetandClank (author) 8 years ago
i am the crater of this site so you can talk and put down cars my favorite is mussel car
Um, you didn't create this site, just the forum topic

sorry i like to be politically correct ya and please use spell check

hmm..... Toyota Supra
Hi, Alex. He might actually be the crater of this site, if by crater he means hole :-)
maybe he wants us to drive cars and hot rods into the crater ?
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