favorite bands of all time

what is your favorite band? what type of music is it and whats your favorite song of theirs?

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Alice_Berg3 months ago

Metallica and AC/DC

Ace Gambit12 months ago

My favorite band's the Beatles, and my favorite song of theirs is blackbird.

Queen, Rush, Led Zeppelin. Aerosmith

Paul Revere and the Raiders.

GASSYPOOTS5 years ago
Lil Wayne - Mirror
Lil Wayne - Kobe Bryant
bounty10127 years ago
I like most 80s-90s pop songs and a few rock songs.
PetBennett7 years ago
i like too many to count, i guess black eyed peas r good, but i also like nickleback and theres a song by seether that i like,
acidbass7 years ago
dead milkmen incubus nickleback depeche mode chemical bros
MegaMaker8 years ago
Beatles, Aerosmith, Eagles, Queen.
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