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need to beable to click the favorite button and not say this persons not the required rol

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Kiteman6 years ago
The ability to favourite projects is a privilege reserved for pro members.

Lochtar Kiteman6 years ago
No it's not.
The only season I joined is because of the "favorites" button.
Couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the thread, eh? You're several days late pointing that out.
Well, I'm new here and it is really disappointing when something like thin turns out not to work.
Like I said that's the main reason I signed up.
And that's why pointed it out, again.
Kiteman Lochtar6 years ago
Since the date of that post, we have been told that the favourite function will be available to non-pro members with the next site up-date.

I've never lost the favourite function?
There issues with time-served non-pro memberships.


I gotta quick question about that... Right now I can favorite ible's, but only because Caitlinsdad was very nice in giving me a gift of a three month pro-membership... but even before that when I wasn't Pro I was able to favorite ible's, do you have any idea why?
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