favorite electronic kits?

I was wondering if anyone had some favorite electronic kits? There just seem to be a lot out there these days and a lot of places selling them. I'm just curious.

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josh9217610 years ago
I picked up a really old electronics set (think 1980s!) at a car boot sale and it is great. It had a book full of schematics for simple circuits and loads of parts, about 100 in total. And it was only, from memory, 50p (~$1)! -josh
VIRON josh9217610 years ago
Yeah, I had and liked those ones that could be made into lots of different circuits. If you can't find one, I recommend a "solderless breadboard", "assorted parts/grab bags", some batteries, wire, and books of electronic circuits from the book store or library.
josh92176 VIRON10 years ago
Yeah, I ripped the parts of the aforementioned set for use with my breadboard! -josh
trebuchet0310 years ago
I'd love for Ladyada's Wave Bubble to become a kit :D

Curse you FCC!
That and the TV b-gone :-)
canida Goodhart10 years ago
I got one of those from ladyada, but haven't had time to put it together!

Goodhart canida10 years ago
I am sorry, maybe it is on my end, but the link only gets me a blank page.
Goodhart canida10 years ago
Is this the same one? TV B-GONE
Goodhart canida10 years ago
For some reason, the link is not working for me. I thought |I had seen a project for improving the TV b-gone, so i would definitely be interested in t the original
oooh i want to make one. i wouldnt actually use it other than to block my brother's phone and make him mad. but that would be fun none the less. too bad i cant afford it.
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