favorite games

What are your favorite games and tell what system they are on. Mine is probaly red steel on wii and la rush on xbox.

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nfk116 years ago
not halo.WaW and bad company 1
mmzdaniel10 years ago
PC: Splinter Cell 1-3 (cause my system cant handle the new games) halo combat evolved online (waiting for halo 2 for WinXP) all eidos "hitman" games... GC: metroid prime 2 GBC: all rpg pokemon games GBA SP: again all pokemon games Final Fight One Nintendo DS: Metroid Hunters Pokemon Diamond/Pearl PS1: Crash bandicoot (i didnt spell that right lol) and many more i dont remember... im a mid-core gamer...
I'm hard core (not a "mid core" just saying)
theres a torrent you can download were someone made halo 2 playable on xp.
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes for Gamecube
i like anything that i want to play games!!! i like is to modify my psp and destroy!! flag me if u want, joke!!
snowbird17 years ago
for ps2
snowbird17 years ago
my favorite game is kingdom hearts
nfk118 years ago
my favourite game is halo

qui-gon6218 years ago
3 word: Batman: Arkham Asylum
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