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I guess it would have to be a Martin D35. I had a late 60's Brazilian D35 and I recently bought a 2011 Indian Rosewood D35. I would say quite categorically that the 2011 manufactured D35 is the best Martin that I have owned both in build quality and timbre and tone although Brazilian D35's are fetching much higher prices on the vintage market. I did have a Hd28 and a 0021 but still the 2011 would be my first choice

DSCN3886.jpgDSCN3480.jpgD35 5.jpg972013_964768464389_1182514607_n.jpg
Aron3136 years ago
Les paul has a nice smooth sound!!
freeza366 years ago
Takamine g series 330s is the best sounding acoustic ever!
A dean evo xp is cheap, but it doesnt sound half bad
Squier tele affinity series, no the best, but easy to play and good on the ears
Starcaster? dont go there
I would love a gibson firebird, but i have no $

Fender Jaguar, all the way!

fender jagstang!
Jtrain237 years ago
Ibanez GIO and Gibson Sg Shop costume
I like Jackson Soloists for some good ol' metal, but Gibson Les Pauls for everything else. Do we have any tone freaks in here??
CapnTac7 years ago
Gibson Explorer.
KentsOkay8 years ago
Les Pauls rock, I've got a cheepy Gibson and an acoustic glass -finish Yamaha
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