favorite music artists/bands?

ok, i just want to do a bit of a survey here, ill just start with my faves

favorite music band:
shop boyz- their song "party like a rock star" was awesome, its part one of my theme song. their remix is cool, and is my second part.............

favorite music solo artist:
i would declare this a tie between Chris Brown and Soulja boy. Chris brown's "kiss-kiss" was tight, especially on the t-pain solo part, his other song was good too...........

Soulja boy made the tight song "soulja boy tellem". He also made a little spin- off of the song, which is the song "soulja boy with soulja girl". and his last one "YA!", i liked that one, it expressed his real feelings as a celebrity perfectly........................ oh, and DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE DANCE....................

so what is your favorite song artist?

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iris1085 years ago
Id say I love samples of almost every genre....pop,rap,rock,hip hop,dance,house.......and i believe that every genre requires equal talent and effort..............
the one genre i CANNOT stand is Blues and Jazz....its a genre,and i respect and appreciate it,but i just don't have the patience 2 listen 2 it
LoneWolf5 years ago
I love Guns N Roses! At least, back when they had Slash. (original lineup-none of the Chinese Democracy album crap)

I also like most other rock bands from the period, van halen, def leppard, aerosmith, journey, REO SpeedWagon, U2 etc.
King_Banana9 years ago
Band: metallica artist: vincent van gogh (not really my real answer is... i dunno)
this is good i like it..
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smusso5 years ago
My favorite band is Falling in Reverse for sure! I love Ronnie Radke!! <33
skrillex,daft punk, dead mau, jason aldean tim mcgraw etc
Camisado8 years ago
Fav Bands:

-Breaking Benjamin
-Blink 182
-The Beatles
-Cute is What We Aim for
-Led Zeppelin
-Panic! At the Disco
-Cobra Starship
-Linkin Park
-Gym Class Heroes
-Rage Against the Machine
-Bullet for My Valentine
-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
-Death Cab for Cutie
-Green Day
-Fall Out Boy
-All Time Low

And many more.

Fav. solo artists:

-Secondhand Serenade
-Kanye West
-Weird Al Yankovic
-Michael Jackson
-Owl City

And many more.
Bert99 Camisado8 years ago
i do not enjoy Fireflies by owl city it is my least fav song.
Camisado Bert998 years ago
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