favorite naruto character

Who is your favorite naruto character?

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Thrasym6 years ago
My favourite character is which ever character is on the screen kicking butt as I watch. Good, Evil, Nondescript, I care not. Is that wrong?
yoitsdavidi6 years ago
um... Naruto is actually my favorite(idk, its just whenevery hes in some sort of action naruto is the most like epic/emotional/musicbuild-up its just effin epic hes just flippin awesome
gaara_rox_forever (author) 9 years ago
My favorite characters are Gaara, Itachi, and Jiraiya. they pwn.
Gaara is so friggin COOL! Totally my fave. but... Neji is on the same level. I thrive on GaaNeji.
Tornado966 years ago
Shikamaru and Chouji!
chickenz566 years ago
go kakashi
Yeah, go kakashi
laulinhaaa7 years ago
 jiraya, kakashi, shikamaru and iruka :)
Itachi2668 years ago
Well,my favourite character is Pein,THAT GUY RULES.
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