favorite nerf guns

my favorite nerf guns are the nerf guns that don't have to be cocked back and reloaded. I like th ones that are like revolvers or have magazines.my favorite revolving nerf gun is the nerf maverick followed by the nerf dart tag revolver. My favorite magazine loading guns are the nerf long shot and the buzzsaw. And in an un related topic, i love half-life what are your favorite nerf guns?

Picture of favorite nerf guns
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blah427 years ago
THE BEST nerf gun ever is the titan as-1 nerf bazooka
domo07 years ago
not to be a butt or anthing you never heard of a nerf gun wow
Berkin8 years ago
Ugh, I always wanted a nerf gun...

I never did get one! :P
NerfGunner8 years ago
I like the firefly cause I can put a lot of form down range.
michoi9 years ago
i like the long shot for shot outs but for mobility i like the maverick although my favorite air gun is the mag strike cuz the magazines
buterSBob29 (author)  michoi9 years ago
i like the magazines too, and i like the shot gun from the long shot
T3453R9 years ago
whats a nerf gun ??
buterSBob29 (author)  T3453R9 years ago
A nerf gun is a toy that is made of plastic and can shoot foam like darts or rubber balls